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Staff Scientist II, NIPGR (2011 onwards)
Post Doc, University of Delhi, South Campus (2010-2011)
Ph. D., University of Delhi, South Campus (2004-2010)
 Awards and Scholarships
Junior and Senior Research Fellowships, CSIR, 2004-2009
University Gold Medal for first position in master's examination
 Research Interest
Water-deficit stress and regulation of nutrient (Pi) utilization
Water-deficit (WD) stress is a major constraint for modern agriculture as it results in reduced crop productivity. In addition to many physiological changes in plants, WD also reduces nutrient uptake from soil. This reduction in nutrient uptake is more in rice as compared to other crops at same reduced soil moisture status. Phosphate (Pi) is one of the most abundant nutrient ions in soil; however, it poses severe problems due to its unavailability to plants which is further enhanced in WD condition. Among the plant's adaptation tactics against Pi starvation, root system architecture modification is common with WD stress. We are interested in delineating the molecular mechanisms of root modification for improving Pi utilization under WD in rice.
 Group Members
 Selected Publications
Giri J, Vij S, Dansana P, Tyagi AK (2011). Rice A20/AN1 zinc-finger containing stress-associated proteins (SAP1/11) and a receptor-like cytoplasmic kinase (OsRLCK253) interact via A20 zinc-finger and confer abiotic stress tolerance in transgenic Arabidopsis plants. New Phytologist (doi: 10.1111/j.1469-8137.2011.03740.x).
Kathuria* H, Giri* J, Nataraja* KN, Murata N, Udayakumar M, Tyagi AK (2009). Glycinebetaine-induced water-stress tolerance in codA-expressing transgenic indica rice is associated with up-regulation of several stress responsive genes. Plant Biotechnol J 7: 512-526. *As joint first author.
Vij* S, Giri* J, Dansana PK, Kapoor S, Tyagi AK (2008). The receptor-like cytoplasmic kinase (OsRLCK) gene family in rice: organization, phylogenetic relationship, and expression during development and stress. Mol Plant 1: 732-750. *As joint first author.
Singh A, Giri J, Kapoor S, Tyagi AK, Pandey GK (2010) Protein phosphatase complement in rice: genome-wide identification and transcriptional analysis under abiotic stress condition and reproductive development. BMC genomics 11: 435
Ray S, Dansana PK, Giri J, Deveshwar P, Kapoor S, Khurana JP, Tyagi AK (2010) Modulation of transcription factor and metabolic pathway genes in response to water-deficit stress in rice. Funct Integr Genomics 11: 157-178
Kathuria H, Giri J, Tyagi H, Tyagi AK (2007). Advances in transgenic rice biotechnology. Crit Rev Plant Sci 26: 65-103
 Book Chapters
Giri J, Tyagi S, Tyagi AK (2011) Evolution and Diversity of Rice Genome. In Sharma AK (Ed.), Biodiversity. West Bengal Biodiversity Board
Ray S, Dansana PK, Bhaskar A, Giri J, Kapoor S, Khurana JP, Tyagi AK (2009). Emerging trends in functional genomics for stress tolerance in crop plants. In Heribert Hirt, ed, Plant Stress Biology. WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH and Co. KGaA, Weinheim, pp 37-63.
Tyagi AK, Khurana JP, Khurana P, Kapoor S, Singh VP, Singh AK, Thakur JK, Gupta V, Anand S, Vij S, Jain M, Ray S, Agarwal P, Arora R, Sharma P, Mukerjee S, Nijhawan A, Giri J, Khurana R (2005) Expression and functional analysis of rice genes involved in reproductive development and stress response. Rice Genetics V, 301-334, IRRI, Philippines.
Receptor-like cytoplasmic kinase (OsRLCK) genes from rice for conferring stress tolerance in plants (2008). Inventors: Tyagi AK, Kapoor S, Giri J, Dansana PK, Vij S IPA3944.