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 Research Area
Molecular biology of rice seed development (Genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, bioinformatics)
Scientist II, NIPGR (2011 onwards)
Research Scientist, Department of Plant Molecular Biology, Delhi University (2010-11)
Ph. D., Department of Plant Molecular Biology, Delhi University (2003-09)
M. Sc., Department of Plant Molecular Biology, Delhi University (2001-03)
B. Sc. (Botany-Hons.), Gargi College, Delhi University (1998-2001)
 Awards & Honors
INSA Young Scientist's Award (2012)
Junior and senior research fellowships from UGC (2001)
President of Gargi College Botanical Society (2000)
 Research Interests and ongoing work
Rice is the staple food of more than 50% of the world's population. The edible part is the seed or grain. Based on the morphological changes occurring during rice seed development, it can be classified into five stages. Microarray has been performed on these stages and compared with vegetative controls. Further, the microarray data has been validated by Q-PCR and by promoter-reporter constructs. Detailed analysis of microarray data showed that transcription factors form one of the major classes of differentially expressed genes. With this in view, many transcription factor encoding gene families such as the C2H2 zinc finger encoding gene family members have been identified from the rice genome. In silico analysis on these includes phylogeny, gene structure, protein domain and expression analysis. Transgenic rice plants have also been raised for genes showing high expression in the seed. Thus, a plethora of genes involved in controlling rice seed development have emerged. Members of many more such families seem to be playing important roles in rice seed development. Ongoing work includes delving deeper into the molecular biology of rice seed development and establishment of operating networks.
 Group Members
Sweta DasPh. D. student
Iny E. MathewPh. D. student
Arunima Mahto Ph. D. student
Veena K. Sinha NIPGR JRF
 Selected Publications
Sharma R*, Agarwal P*, Ray S, Deveshwar P, Sharma P, Sharma N, Nijhawan A, Jain M, Singh AK, Singh VP, Khurana JP, Tyagi AK, Kapoor S (2012) Expression dynamics of metabolic and regulatory components across stages of panicle and seed development in indica rice. FunctIntegr Genomics 12: 229-248 (*- equal contribution).
Agarwal P, Kapoor S, Tyagi AK (2011) Transcription factors regulating the progression of monocot and dicot seed development. BioEssays 33: 189-202.
Agarwal P, Arora R, Ray S, Singh AK, Singh V P, Takatsuji H, Kapoor S, Tyagi AK (2007) Genome-wide identification of C2H2 zinc-finger gene family in rice and their phylogeny and expression analysis. Plant Mol. Biol. 65: 467-485.
Ray S, Agarwal P, Arora R, Kapoor S, Tyagi AK (2007) Expression analysis of calcium-dependent protein kinase gene family during reproductive development and abiotic stress conditions in rice (Oryza sativa L. ssp. indica). Mol. Genet. Genomics 278: 493-505.
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Ray S, Dansana PK, Giri J, Deveshwar P, Arora R, Agarwal P, Khurana JP, Kapoor S, Tyagi AK (2011) Comparative analysis of water-deficit stress responsive genes vis-a-vis genes expressing differentially on exposure to cold and salt stress and during reproductive development in rice. Funct Integr Genomics 11: 157-78.
 Book Chapters
Tyagi AK, Khurana JP, Khurana P, Kapoor S, Singh VP, Singh AK, Thakur JK, Gupta V, Anand S, Vij S, Jain M, Ray S, Agarwal P, Arora R, Sharma P, Mukerjee S, Nijhawan A, Giri J, Khurana R (2007). Expression and functional analysis of rice genes involved in reproductive development and stress response. Rice Genetics V, 301-334, IRRI, Philippines.
Kapoor S, Khurana R, Baranwal V, Agarwal P, Ray S, and Tyagi AK (2011). Genome-wide Strategies for Genetic Enhancement of Rice. Proceedings of National Symposium on Genomics and Crop Improvement 2011 (In Press), Hyderabad, India.
Patent titled: "Nucleic acid sequences from rice involved in seed development and uses thereof". Inventor; Tyagi AK, Kapoor S, Agarwal P; Patent File, 160/DEL/2007